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Cumbraland Discord chat and hub live for everyone!

Hey everyone! It has been something of a quiet year for most reenactment, and sometimes social media can be hardwork as there is a lot of advertising, and other stuff that get in the way of you talking about your hobby and subjects of interest. (We have all doomscrolled to our own detriment!) With that in mind, and as some of us are gamers and use the platform anyway, we made a group Discord this year to talk about all things Cumbraland and early medieval in the NW of Britain and Ireland, and we have decided to open a chunk of it up to our friends, fans, supporters, and anyone who is interested really! It is free to join with no adverts or other stuff like most social media. We hope to be able to do some online talks and demonstration via the video and streaing channels in future, and it will cost you nothing and can be used from a computer or phone and tablet. (You just need an email verified, and you have to wait 10 mins to post after joining). We'd love to see some of you there to share our current work, and see you share your stuff too! Click this link to join!

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