We are a living history group dedicated to portraying the Kingdom of Strathclyde in the ninth to eleventh centuries. We aim to portray the elites and common people of the kingdom and its lands, from the shores of Loch Lomond and the Clyde valley in modern day Scotland, down to Cumbria in north west England.

The group hopes to shed light on this lesser known early medieval kingdom using accurate reproduction artefacts; clothing, weapons, jewellery, furniture, and a wealth of other things as part of living history displays, talks, and presentations, to bring to life the people behind the pages of the history books, and what their world may have been like. We also aim, through experimental archaeology, to demonstrate how things worked and were made, and to let people have a go at these activities, as crafts and hands on participation are a very important part of our ethos.

Please check out our historical background page for details on the murky origins and history of this fascinating kingdom and period!

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